Overview of Dog Bite Injury Offenses

Overview of Dog Bite Injury Offenses

In the United States, there are quite so many cases of dog bite cases and millions are paid out as damages by the dog owners to victims every year. Statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) put the yearly figure of cases of dog bite in the United as 4.5 million. Also, about 800,000 dog bites incident require some form medical attention yearly.

Dog bite incidents are treated under the personal injury law which makes the dog owner liable for injuries to persons or damages to properties caused by the dog. There are certain helpful facts you should know about dog bite injuries, and these are highlighted in this post.

First off, personal injury laws make it possible for compensations to be awarded people who have been victims of the negligence or carelessness of others. Once the commission of negligence or carelessness is proven then the defendant would be made liable for the damages, loss, or suffering experienced by the victim.

Dog owners should be careful so as not to be liable to the damages or pains inflicted on others by their dogs or pets. In many states of America there are different scenarios whereby the dog owner would become liable for actions of their dogs. These include:

“One-bite rule”- this is a personal injury law that makes the dog owner legally responsible for the injury inflicted by his dog on another person. This rule states that if the victim is able to prove that the dog owner has previous knowledge that the dog was likely or has tendency to cause injury, then the dog owner would be made liable for injury.

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